Download Samsung Stock ROM Firmware

If yes are you searching for Stock ROM firmware for all Samsung mobile phone and Tablets.


If  your answer is yes then you are on the right page. Here you can download Stock ROM firmware for all Samsung models.

Find the Following Samsung Mobile Phone Model and Click to Download Samsung Stock ROM firmware

Phone BrandFirmware
Galaxy A7 SM-A7000 LollipopDownload
Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD INS LollipopDownload
Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD INU KitkatDownload
Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD INU LollipopDownload
Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD OJ5 INU LollipopDownload
Galaxy Chat GT-B5530Download
Galaxy J7 SM-J700F LollipopDownload
Galaxy R GT-I9103 INUDownload
Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G INUDownload
Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 INU 4.0.4Download
Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 INU 4.1.2Download
Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 INU 4.3Download
Galaxy S3 Neo GT-I9300I 4.3Download
Galaxy S3 Neo GT-I9300I KitkatDownload
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6200Download
GT-B5512 INS (2.3.6)Download
GT-B5512 INU (2.3.6)Download
GT-B7510 INU (2.3.6)Download
GT-I8160 UKDownload
GT-I8190 MT6571 CloneDownload
GT-I9060 INSDownload
GT-I9060 INUDownload
GT-I9082 MF7 4.1.2 INSDownload
GT-I9082 MF7 4.1.2 INUDownload
GT-I9082 NB2 4.2.2 INSDownload
GT-I9100 INU (4.0.3)Download
GT-I9100 INU (4.0.4)Download
GT-I9100 INU (4.1.2)Download
GT-I9190 JellyBeanDownload
GT-I9506 JellyBeanDownload
GT-I9506 LollipopDownload
GT-N7100 INS (Kitkat)Download
GT-P3100 v4.0.3Download
GT-P3100 v4.1.2Download
GT-P5110 ChileDownload
GT-P5210 UKDownload
GT-P6800 INUDownload
GT-P7300 INUDownload
GT-P7500 INUDownload
GT-P7510 (Jellybean)Download
GT-S5360 INSDownload
GT-S5360 INUDownload
GT-S5570 INSDownload
GT-S5570 INUDownload
GT-S5670 INUDownload
GT-S5830 INUDownload
GT-S5830i INSDownload
GT-S6102 INSDownload
GT-S7562 INUDownload
GT-S7562 MTK6572 (Clone) (Sp tool)Download
GT-S7580 AFR JellyBeanDownload
GT-S7580 KEN JellyBeanDownload
M3T MT6582 (Clone) v2 (Sp tool)Download
S6 B800 v1.4 (MTK-Clone)Download
SGH-I317 USA (MarshMallow)Download
SGH-I317 USA (MarshMallow)Download
SGH-I537 MexicoDownload
SGH-T599N USADownload
SGH-T889 USA (Lollipop)Download
SGH-T999 USADownload
SM-A300F Switzerland (Lollipop)Download
SM-A300H Kitkat INSDownload
SM-A300H Kitkat INUDownload
SM-A300H Lollipop INSDownload
SM-A300H Lollipop INUDownload
SM-A500G Kitkat INSDownload
SM-A500G Kitkat INUDownload
SM-A500G Lollipop INSDownload
SM-A500G Lollipop INUDownload
SM-E500H LollipopDownload
SM-E7000 MTK6572 CloneDownload
SM-G360FY Kitkat INUDownload
SM-G360FY OI7 Lollipop INUDownload
SM-G360FY PB5 Lollipop INUDownload
SM-G360H Kitkat INSDownload
SM-G360H Kitkat INUDownload
SM-G361H Kitkat INUDownload
SM-G530FZ Kitkat INSDownload
SM-G530FZ Kitkat INUDownload
SM-G530H (MTK-Clone)Download
SM-G530H Kitkat INSDownload
SM-G530H Kitkat INUDownload
SM-G530H Lollipop INSDownload
SM-G550FY INS (Lollipop)Download
SM-G600FY INS (Lollipop)Download
SM-G7202 INS KitkatDownload
SM-G7202 INS LollipopDownload
SM-G900V PD1 MarshMallowDownload
SM-G900V PG2 MarshMallowDownload
SM-J320AZ USA (Lollipop)Download
SM-J500H Algeria (Lollipop)Download
SM-J700H Bangladesh (MarshMallow)Download
SM-N9006 MTK CloneDownload
SM-N9009 China (Lollipop)Download
SM-N9100 China (MarshMallow)Download
SM-N910C Argentina (MarshMallow)Download
SM-N910C Brazil (Lollipop)Download
SM-N930W8 Canada (Lollipop)Download
SM-P900 LollipopDownload
SM-T111 INU 4.2.2Download
SM-T2105 UKDownload
SM-T350 LollipopDownload
SM-T357T USA (Lollipop)Download
SM-T530 KitkatDownload
SM-T535 ItalyDownload
Tab 5 MT6572 CloneDownload


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