Download MI XIAOMI Mobile Stock ROM Firmware

If yes are you searching for Stock ROM firmware for all  MI XIAOMI mobile phone and Tablets.


If  your answer is yes then you are on the right page. Here you can download Stock ROM firmware for all  MI XIAOMI models.

Find the Following  MI XIAOMI Mobile Phone Model and Click to Download  MI XIAOMI Stock ROM firmware

Mobile ModelFirmware
MI 1/1S vJMACNBF 7.0Download
MI 1/1S vJMACNBH 14.0Download
MI 1/1S vJMACNBL 15.0Download
MI 1/1S vJMACNBL 18.0Download
MI 2/2S v6.6.1.0Download
MI 2/2S v6.7.2.0Download
MI 2/2S vJLB55.0Download
MI 2A vJLB39.0Download
MI 2A vJLB49.0Download
MI 2A vJLB52.0Download
MI 2A vJLB54.0Download
MI 4 v6.6.3.0Download
MI 4 v6.6.4.0Download
MI 4 v6.7.1.0Download
MI 4 v7.0.5.0Download
MI 4i v6.6.10.0Download
MI 4i v6.6.6.0Download
MI 4i v6.7.2.0Download
MI 4i v7.0.3.0Download
MI Note Pro v6.6.9.0Download
MI Note Pro v6.7.1.0Download
MI Note Pro v6.7.2.0Download
MI Note Pro v7.0.5.0Download
MI Note v6.6.6.0Download
MI Note v6.6.8.0Download
MI Note v6.7.1.0Download
MI Note v7.0.5.0Download
MI Pad v6.6.4.0Download
MI Pad v6.6.5.0Download
MI Pad v6.7.2.0Download
MI Pad v7.0.2.0Download
Redmi 1 vJHBMIBH25.0Download
Redmi 1 vJHBMIBH26.0Download
Redmi 1 vJHBMIBL29.0Download
Redmi 1 vJHBMIBL31.0Download
Redmi 1S v6.6.1.0Download
Redmi 1S v6.6.2.0Download
Redmi 1S v6.7.1.0Download
Redmi 1S vJHCMIBL56.0Download
Redmi 2 4G v6.6.7.0Download
Redmi 2 4G v6.6.8.0Download
Redmi 2 4G v6.7.1.0Download
Redmi 2 4G v7.0.5.0Download
Redmi Note 3G v6.6.1.0Download
Redmi Note 3G v6.6.2.0Download
Redmi Note 3G vJHDMIBL40.0Download
Redmi Note 3G vJHDMIBL42.0Download
Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v6.6.1.0Download
Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v6.6.3.0Download
Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v6.6.4.0Download
Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v7.0.2.0Download
Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v6.6.3.0Download
Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v6.6.4.0Download
Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v6.7.1.0Download
Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v7.0.5.0Download


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