Download LENOVO Mobile Stock ROM Firmware

If yes are you searching for Stock ROM firmware for all LENOVO mobile phone and Tablets.


If  your answer is yes then you are on the right page. Here you can download Stock ROM firmware for all LENOVO models.

Find the Following LENOVO Mobile Phone Model and Click to Download LENOVO Stock ROM firmware

Mobile ModelFirmware
A1000 s113 (SPD tool)Download
A1000 s29644 (SPD tool)Download
A1000-G A412 (SP tool)Download
A1000LF A412 (SP tool)Download
A10-70F s000021 (SP tool)Download
A10-70L s018 (SP Tool)Download
A1900 s007 (SPD tool)Download
A2010 s264Download
A2107 (
A218T 20160113AAA (
A218T 20160113AAA (
A228T s233 (SPD tool)Download
A269 2.3.6 (SP tool)Download
A269i s020 (Sp tool)Download
A269i s021 (Sp tool)Download
A269i s023 (Sp tool)Download
A3000 (SP Tool)Download
A300T SC8810 2.3.5 (SPD tool)Download
A308T 2.3 (SP tool)Download
A316 2.3.6 (SP tool)Download
A316i S040 (SP Tool)Download
A316i S042 (SP Tool)Download
A316i s043Download
A318T 2.3 (SP tool)Download
A319 s234 (SP Tool)Download
A319 s318 (SP Tool)Download
A319 s319 (SP Tool)Download
A320T s317 (SP tool)Download
A328 s326 (SP tool)Download
A328 s328 (SP tool)Download
A328 s329 (SP tool)Download
A3300GV 140404 (SP tool)Download
A3300GV 140826 (SP tool)Download
A3300HV A442 (SP tool)Download
A3300T (SP tool)Download
A330E 20160616A (OTA)Download
A330E 20160616GF (OTA)Download
A338T s212 (SP tool)Download
A3500-F A442 01 34 140904 (SP tool)Download
A3500-FL A442 01 27 141127 (SP tool)Download
A3690 s019 Lollipop (SP tool)Download
A369i 20141226 (SP Tool)Download
A369i s110 (SP Tool)Download
A369i s111 (SP Tool)Download
A376 SC8825 4.0.3 (SPD tool)Download
A388t s241 (SPD Tool)Download
A390 s313 (Sp tool)Download
A390 s315 (Sp tool)Download
A390 s316 (Sp tool)Download
A396 s215 (SPD tool)Download
A396 s217 (SPD tool)Download
A396 s221 (SPD tool)Download
A398T Plus 4.1 (SPD tool)Download
A398t s227 (SPD tool)Download
A399 s023 (SP tool)Download
A399 s026 (SP tool)Download
A5000 s002(SP tool)Download
A5000 s030 (SP tool)Download
A5000 s124 (SP tool)Download
A516 s121 (SP Tool)Download
A516 s122 (SP Tool)Download
A516 s123 (SP Tool)Download
A526 s030 (SP tool)Download
A526 s031 (SP tool)Download
A529 s185 (SP tool)Download
A536 s152Download
A536 s153 (SP Tool)Download
A536 s155 (SP Tool)Download
A536S 150423 (SP tool)Download
A5500F s013 (SP tool)Download
A5500F s024 (SP tool)Download
A5500H s017 (SP tool)Download
A5500H s022 (SP tool)Download
A5500HV s019 (SP tool)Download
A5500HV s024 (SP tool)Download
A560 s013 (
A586 4.0.4 (Miracle box)Download
A590 (SP Tool)Download
A60 (
A60 Plus s307 (Sp tool)Download
A60 Plus s310 (Sp tool)Download
A60 Plus s311 (Sp tool)Download
A6000 Plus (
A6000 s013 (QPST)Download
A6000 s034 (QPST)Download
A6000 s062 (QPST)Download
A6000L s008 (Miracle box)Download
A600e s313Download
A6010 s025 (Miracle box)Download
A6010 s1117 (Miracle box)Download
A6010 s1118(Miracle box)Download
A606 s038 (SP tool)Download
A606 s039 (SP tool)Download
A630T 4.0.4 (SP tool)Download
A66 2.3.6 (SP tool)Download
A660 s019 (SP tool)Download
A670T SJDS 20150515 (
A670T SJJL 20150515 (
A680 s427 (SP tool)Download
A680 s703 (SP tool)Download
A680 s705 (SP tool)Download
A690 s011Download
A690 s013Download
A690 s015 (SP tool)Download
A7000 s223 (SP tool)Download
A7000 s225 (SP tool)Download
A7000 s228 (SP tool)Download
A7000A s153 (SP tool)Download
A7010a48 S143 (SP Tool)Download
A7010a48 S147 (SP Tool)Download
A706 s17 (SP Tool)Download
A706 s18 (SP Tool)Download
A706 s20 (SP Tool)Download
A708T s012 (SP tool)Download
A7-30F (
A7-30GC s022 (SP tool)Download
A7-30H s000019 (SP tool)Download
A7-30HC s000029 (SP tool)Download
A7600F s016 (SP tool)Download
A7600F s024 (SP tool)Download
A7600H s024 (SP tool)Download
A7600H s025 (SP tool)Download
A766 s177 (SP tool)Download
A798T 4.0.4 (SP tool)Download
A800 s107Download
A808T 20151103 (
A816 s017 (SP tool)Download
A820 (
A828T 4.2.2 (BroadCom Multidownloader)Download
A830 4.2.1 (SP tool)Download
A850 b140 (SP tool)Download
A850 Plus 4.2.2 (SP tool)Download
A850 s127 (SP tool)Download
A850 s128 (SP tool)Download
A859 s117 (SP tool)Download
A859 s118 (SP tool)Download
A859 s121 (SP tool)Download
A880 4.2.2 (SP tool)Download
A889 4.2.2 (SP tool)Download
A916 s1205 (SP tool)Download
B8080 s003198 3G (Miracle)Download
IdeaPad A7-10F 20150322 (SP tool)Download
IdeaTab A1000-F (SP tool)Download
IdeaTab A1000-T A412 (SP tool)Download
K3 K30-T s035 (Miracle box)Download
K3 K30-T s035 (Miracle box)Download
K3 Note 20150513 (SP Tool)Download
K3 Note s112 (SP Tool)Download
K3 Note v2.8 WC13Download
K50-T5 ST1511 (SP tool)Download
K860 0113 (Miracle box)Download
K860 0178 (Miracle box)Download
K900 (Miracle box)Download
K910 v2.0 1143(
K910 v2.0 1445(
K910e 1431 (
K910e 1433 (
K910e 1435 (
K910e 1437 (
K910e 1439 (
K910e 1441 (
K910e 1443 (
K910L s216Download
K910L s219Download
K910L s221Download
K910S 040 s109 (Miracle box)Download
K920 Pro CEE s226 (
K920 s288 (Miracle)Download
Lenovo A390T s125Download
P1A42 s272 (Miracle box)Download
P1A42 s285 (Miracle box)Download
P1A42 s288 (Miracle box)Download
P380 v371 (SP tool)Download
P700i s101Download
P700i s102Download
P700i s110Download
P70-A s141 (SP tool)Download
P70-A s141 (SP tool)Download
P70-A s146 (SP tool)Download
P70-A s146 (SP tool)Download
P70-A s147 (SP tool)Download
P70-A s147 (SP tool)Download
P770 P54 (Sp tool)Download
P770 s110 (Sp tool)Download
P770 s113 (Sp tool)Download
P780 s115 (SP Tool)Download
P90 s147 (Miracle box)Download
P90 s148 (Miracle box)Download
P90 s149 (Miracle box)Download
Phab PB1 750M s000384 (QPST Tool)Download
S1a40 s134Download
S1a40 s235Download
S1a40 s236Download
S5000 s002 (SP tool)Download
S5000 s030 (SP tool)Download
S5000 s124 (SP tool)Download
S5000H A422 034 (SP tool)Download
S560 s105 (SP tool)Download
S580 s016 (
S580 s112 (
S6000 s022 (SP tool)Download
S60-A s106Download
S60-A s214Download
S60-A s232Download
S650 s111 (SP tool)Download
S650 s305 (SP tool)Download
S650 s308 (SP tool)Download
S660 s029 (SP tool)Download
S660 s047 (SP tool)Download
S660 s056 (SP tool)Download
S660 s056 (SP tool)Download
S660 s058 (SP tool)Download
S660 s058 (SP tool)Download
S660 s060 (SP tool)Download
S660 s060 (SP tool)Download
S660 s062 (SP tool)Download
S660 s062 (SP tool)Download
S720 s112 (SP tool)Download
S720 s113 (SP tool)Download
S720 s114 (SP tool)Download
S750 4.2.1 (SP tool)Download
S810T s074Download
S820 B123 14010 (SP Tool)Download
S820 s111 131125(SP Tool)Download
S820 s111 140805(SP Tool)Download
S850 s211 (SP tool)Download
S850 s217 (SP tool)Download
S850 s218 (SP tool)Download
S8-50F s000143 (Intel tool)Download
S856 s102Download
S856 s103Download
S856 s106Download
S856 s138Download
S860 s116 (SP tool)Download
S860 s405 (SP tool)Download
S870e (
S880 s110 (SP tool)Download
S880 s111 (SP tool)Download
S880 s112 (SP tool)Download
S880i 4.0.4 (Sp tool)Download
S890 s111 (Sp tool)Download
S898T (
S898T Plus 4.2.2 (SP tool)Download
S899T 8376 P4311 (QPST)Download
S899T 9385 P4564 (QPST)Download
S90 20150717 4.4.2 (Miracle box)Download
S90 MSM8916 20141201 (Miracle box)Download
S90-A s125 (QPST)Download
S90-A s239 (QPST)Download
S920 s221Download
S920 s221 (SP tool)Download
S930 s119 (SP tool)Download
S930 s215 (SP tool)Download
S930 s218 (SP tool)Download
S938T s121 (SP tool)Download
S939 4.2.2 (SP tool)Download
S960 s133Download
S960 s215Download
S968T (
Tab 2 A8-50LC s000026 (SP tool)Download
Tab A10-80HC A422 016 (SP tool)Download
Tab A7-50 A3500HV A422 (SP Tool)Download
Tab S8-50LC 4G s000200 (SP tool)Download
Vibe K5 A6020a40 (QPST Tool)Download
Vibe K5 plus A6020a46 s034, S042 & s056 (QPST Tool)Download
Vibe P1Ma40 s024 (SP Tool)Download
Vibe P1Ma40 s025 (SP Tool)Download
Vibe P1Ma40 s027 (SP Tool)Download
Vibe P1Ma40 s033 (SP Tool)Download
Vibe P1Ma40 s036 (SP Tool)Download
Vibe P1Ma40 s040 (SP Tool)Download
Vibe Shot Z90-7 s074 (Miracle box)Download
Vibe Shot Z90a40 s209 (OTG)Download
Vibe Shot Z90a40 s209 (OTG)Download
Vibe Shot Z90a40 s209 (QPST Tool)Download
Vibe Shot Z90a40 s218 (OTG)Download
Vibe Shot Z90a40 s240 (QPST Tool)Download
Vibe X2-TC s003 (SP tool)Download
Vibe X3a40 s122Download
Vibe X3a40 s130 (OTG)Download
Vibe X3a40 s130 (QPST Tool)Download
Vibe X3a40 s217Download
Yoga 8 B6000 s026 (SP tool)Download
Yoga Tablet 2 1050F (Intel tool)Download
Yoga Tablet 2 1050L s000215 (Intel tool)Download
Yoga Tablet 2 830L s000067 (Intel tool)Download
Yoga Tablet 2 830L s000197 (Intel tool)Download
Yoga Tablet 2 830LC (Intel tool)Download
Yoga Tablet 2 Pro 1380F s000195 (Intel tool)Download
Yoga Tablet 2 Pro 1380L s000007 (Intel tool)Download
Yoga Tablet 3 850F (
Yoga Tablet 3 850M (


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