Download LAVA Stock ROM Firmware

If yes are you searching for Stock ROM firmware for all LAVA mobile phone and Tablets.


If  your answer is yes then you are on the right page. Here you can download Stock ROM firmware for all LAVA models.

Find the Following LAVA Mobile Phone Model and Click to Download LAVA Stock ROM firmware

Mobile ModelFirmware
A48 s0013Download
A52 s109Download
A52 s112Download
A71 s115Download
A71 s117Download
A72 s108Download
A72 s110Download
A76 s110Download
A76 s113Download
A79 s110Download
A82 W031 M03Download
A82 W031 s11BDownload
A82 W031 s14Download
A88 s109Download
A89 s103Download
Ais Iris 700Download
Atom 2x S102LDownload
Connect Plus Z7C s004Download
Connect s005Download
EG932 20141119Download
EG932 20150318Download
EG932 20160108Download
Flair E1 s114Download
Flair E2 s107Download
Flair P1 s010Download
Flair P1i s105Download
Flair P2 s0008 (SP tool)Download
Flair P2 s0013 (SP tool)Download
Flair P3 v05 (SP tool)Download
Flair P8 s105Download
Flair S1 s108 (SP tool)Download
Flair Z1 s806LDownload
Fuel 60 s024Download
Fuel 60 s025Download
Fuel F1 Mini s005Download
Iris 100L sw14Download
IRIS 250 192606Download
IRIS 250 20140812Download
IRIS 250 20140917Download
IRIS 250 20141223Download
IRIS 300 Style v13Download
Iris 300 Style v13Download
Iris 300 Style v13Download
IRIS 300 Style v17Download
Iris 300 Style v17Download
Iris 300 Style v17Download
IRIS 310 Style s011Download
Iris 310s s011Download
Iris 325 Style s107Download
Iris 348 v07Download
IRIS 349 Plus s106Download
IRIS 349 s117Download
Iris 349 Sleek s102Download
IRIS 349i s101Download
IRIS 349i s102Download
IRIS 349S s106Download
IRIS 349S s107Download
IRIS 349S s108Download
IRIS 349S s111Download
IRIS 349S s112Download
IRIS 350 M s008Download
IRIS 351 s011Download
Iris 352 Flair s109Download
IRIS 352E s010Download
IRIS 354 s109Download
IRIS 354E s109Download
IRIS 354E s110Download
IRIS 354E s113Download
IRIS 355 s102Download
IRIS 356 s114Download
IRIS 356 s118Download
IRIS 356 s120Download
IRIS 360 Music v08Download
Iris 370 v04Download
Iris 370 v05Download
Iris 400c s111Download
Iris 400q s09Download
Iris 400q s11Download
Iris 400s s113Download
Iris 401 s005Download
IRIS 401E s114Download
IRIS 402 Plus s006Download
IRIS 402 s006Download
IRIS 402 s021Download
IRIS 402 s027Download
IRIS 402 s028Download
IRIS 402 s031Download
IRIS 402 s032Download
Iris 402e s009Download
Iris 402e s009Download
Iris 402e s010Download
Iris 402e s010Download
Iris 404 Flair s109Download
IRIS 404E s110Download
IRIS 404E s111Download
IRIS 405 Plus s122Download
IRIS 405 s112Download
IRIS 405 s113Download
IRIS 405 s115Download
IRIS 405 s122Download
IRIS 405 s126Download
IRIS 406Q s128Download
IRIS 408E s007Download
IRIS 408E s008Download
IRIS 408E s009Download
Iris 410 s005Download
IRIS 412 s008Download
IRIS 412 s013Download
IRIS 414 s121Download
IRIS 415 s007Download
IRIS 430 s103Download
IRIS 444 v06Download
IRIS 444 v08Download
IRIS 450 s213Download
IRIS 450P s304Download
IRIS 450P s403Download
IRIS 454 s107Download
IRIS 455 s102Download
IRIS 455 s105Download
IRIS 456 s118Download
IRIS 456 s121Download
IRIS 456 s125Download
IRIS 456 s125 CDownload
IRIS 458Q s017Download
IRIS 460 s007Download
IRIS 465 s009Download
IRIS 465 s012Download
Iris 470 s105Download
Iris 49 s118Download
IRIS 500 v08Download
IRIS 501 s111Download
IRIS 501 s112Download
IRIS 502 s106 20130124Download
IRIS 502 s106 20130218Download
IRIS 502 s110Download
IRIS 503Download
IRIS 503E s136Download
IRIS 504 s103Download
IRIS 504Q Plus s012Download
IRIS 504Q s012Download
IRIS 504Q s103Download
IRIS 504Q s109Download
IRIS 504Q s111Download
IRIS 505 s103Download
IRIS 506Q s103Download
IRIS 506Q s104 20140123Download
IRIS 510 s102Download
IRIS 550Q s125Download
IRIS Alfa L s014Download
IRIS Alfa s107Download
IRIS Alfa s111LDownload
IRIS Alfa s111L OTADownload
Iris Atom 2 s106 20150717Download
Iris Atom 2 s106L 20150918 LollipopDownload
Iris Atom 2 s204L 20150915 LollipopDownload
Iris Atom 3 s109Download
Iris Atom 3 s110Download
Iris Atom 3 s111Download
Iris Atom s109Download
Iris Atom s111Download
Iris Atom X s108 (SPD tool)Download
Iris Atom X s109 (SPD tool)Download
IRIS Fuel 10 v010073Download
IRIS Fuel 10 v010194Download
Iris Fuel 20 v06Download
Iris Fuel 25 s0007Download
Iris Fuel 50 s007Download
Iris Fuel 50 s009LDownload
Iris Fuel 50 s015Download
Iris Fuel 60 s024Download
Iris Fuel 60 s025Download
IRIS Fuel F1 s029Download
Iris Icon s103Download
IRIS Pro 20 s125Download
Iris Pro 30 Plus s008Download
IRIS Pro 30 s123Download
IRIS Pro 30 s124Download
IRIS Pro 30 s125Download
Iris Selfie 50 v13Download
Iris Selfie 50 v14Download
Iris X1 Atom s103Download
Iris X1 Atom s107Download
Iris X1 Beats s110Download
Iris X1 Grand Lollipop UpdateDownload
Iris X1 Grand M10 s010Download
Iris X1 Grand s105Download
Iris X1 mini s111Download
Iris X1 mini s117Download
IRIS X1 s209Download
IRIS X1 s305Download
IRIS X1 s404Download
IRIS X1 s505Download
Iris X1 Selfie s025Download
IRIS X1 v18Download
Iris X12 s109Download
Iris X17 s107Download
Iris X46 s801Download
Iris X5 4G s107Download
Iris X5 4G s204Download
Iris x5 X5021lv s112Download
Iris X8 Pro v5.1 v1.1.2Download
Iris X8 s007 LollipopDownload
Iris X81 s112Download
Iris X8Q v2.12Download
Iris X9 s109Download
Iris X9 s112Download
Iris X9 s114Download
Ivory E v5.0Download
Ivory E702 H003Download
Ivory Plus s004Download
Ivory S s001 20140331Download
Ivory S s001 20140506Download
Ivory S s002 20140509Download
Ivory SW4Download
Lava EG840 s036Download
Lava EG841 s017Download
Lava Flair E3 SW10 v270 R36989 (SPD tool)Download
Lava Flair E3 SW14 v270 R57019 (SPD tool)Download
M TAB MG7Download
Magnum X604 s008Download
N400 s209Download
P7 Plus s106Download
P7 s105Download
P7 s106Download
Pixel V1 s111 MarshmallowDownload
Pixel V2 3GB s107Download
Pixel V2 s110Download
Pixel V2 s114Download
Pro 5.0 StarDownload
QC800 s007Download
Qpad E704 s017Download
Qpad R704 s022Download
V2 3GB s106Download
V2S s105Download
V5 s105Download
V5 s107Download
Velo Plus v1.0 040913Download
Velo Plus v1.0 130708aDownload
X1 Atom S s006Download
X1 Atom S s006Download
X1 Atom S s011Download
X1 PlusDownload
X10 s008Download
X11 s110, s111 & s209Download
X1Atom S s011Download
X3 s108 (SP tool)Download
X80 s01Download
Xtron PlusDownload
Xtron Plus TABDownload
Xtron Z704 v009Download
Z7C TAB s004Download
Z7G TAB v1010Download
Z7H Plus s005Download
Z7S TABDownload


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