Download INFOCUS Mobile Stock ROM Firmware

If yes are you searching for Stock ROM firmware for all INFOCUS mobile phone and Tablets.


If  your answer is yes then you are on the right page. Here you can download Stock ROM firmware for all INFOCUS models.

Find the Following INFOCUS Mobile Phone Model and Click to Download INFOCUS Stock ROM firmware

Mobile ModelFirmware
Bingo 50 Plus (SUT L3)Download
Epic 1 1210Download
Epic 1 1280Download
F110 v08Download
F115 v08Download
F120 v07Download
F130 v05Download
F135 v1.96Download
F135 v2.2Download
IN610 036C 5013Download
IN610 039F 06TWDownload
IN610 039G 5013Download
IN610 039I 06TWDownload
IN610 039I 5013Download
IN810 5180Download
IN815 5180Download
M2 2090Download
M2 217ADownload
M2 2260Download
M2 2310Download
M2 3GDownload
M2 4G a03Download
M2 Plus 2170Download
M2 Plus 2200Download
M2 Plus 2230Download
M2 Plus 2310Download
M210 06TWDownload
M210 15TWDownload
M260 A02Download
M260 V1.15_FIH6582.WT.NJ.L_P3Download
M320 06TWDownload
M320 15CNDownload
M320E 06TWDownload
M320E 15TWDownload
M320E 1JTWDownload
M350 LollipopDownload
M370 (Marshmallow update)Download
M370 A02 Lollipop UpdateDownload
M370i (Marshmallow
M370i (
M415 (SUT L3)Download
M425(SUT L3)Download
M430 Bingo 21 (SUT L3)Download
M430 Bingo 21 OTADownload
M460(SUT L3)Download
M510 A01Download
M510T A03Download
M535 A02Download
M535 Plus (SUT L3)Download
M535 Plus (SUT L3)Download
M550 3D (
M680 A02 (OTA)Download
M680 A04 (SUT L3)Download
M808 A04Download
M812 A03Download
M812 A04Download
S1 (SUT L3)Download


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