Download IBALL Stock ROM Firmware

If yes are you searching for Stock ROM firmware for all IBALL mobile phone and Tablets.


If  your answer is yes then you are on the right page. Here you can download Stock ROM firmware for all IBALL models.

Find the Following IBALL Mobile Phone Model and Click to Download IBALL Stock ROM firmware

Mobile ModelFirmware
Andi 3.5 Classique s223Download
Andi 3.5 Classique v1.0Download
Andi 3.5 KKE Genius 26032014Download
Andi 3.5 KKE Genius KitkatDownload
Andi 3.5 KKE Super New LCDDownload
Andi 3.5 KKE Super SwDownload
Andi 3.5 KKE WinnerDownload
Andi 3.5 KKE Winner PlusDownload
Andi 3.5F GrabitDownload
Andi 3.5i (SP tool)Download
Andi 3.5i v1.0.4 (SP tool)Download
Andi 3.5KKe Genius 4th March 2014Download
Andi 3.5KKe Genius KitkatDownload
Andi 3.5KKe Glam 21/1/2014 (SP tool)Download
Andi 3.5KKe Glam New LCD (SP tool)Download
Andi 3.5V Genius 2 v2.0Download
Andi 3.5V Genius 2 v3.0Download
Andi 3.5V Grabit 2 v09Download
Andi 4 ArcDownload
Andi 4 B20 v2.0Download
Andi 4 B20 v3.0Download
Andi 4 IPS TIGERDownload
Andi 4 IPS Tiger 1 GB v1Download
Andi 4 IPS Velvet New LCDDownload
Andi 4.5 baby Panther v3Download
Andi 4.5 Enigma PlusDownload
Andi 4.5 Enigma v22Download
Andi 4.5 K6 Plus 25122013Download
Andi 4.5 K6 Plus V06Download
Andi 4.5 K6 Plus V07Download
Andi 4.5 K6 v22Download
Andi 4.5 K6 V22Download
Andi 4.5 K6 v22Download
Andi 4.5 O Buddy v1.8Download
Andi 4.5 Ripple 2G JB3Download
Andi 4.5 Ripple 2G SWDownload
Andi 4.5 Ripple 3G IPSDownload
Andi 4.5 Ripple 3G IPS KK(1 GB)Download
Andi 4.5 Ripple 3G IPS v4Download
Andi 4.5 Ripple 3G SWDownload
Andi 4.5C Magnifico v6.0Download
Andi 4.5D Royale v10Download
Andi 4.5H JellybeanDownload
Andi 4.5H V1.0.5Download
Andi 4.5P GlitterDownload
Andi 4.5P IPS Glitter V2 20140830Download
Andi 4.5P IPS Glitter V2 20141029Download
Andi 4.5P IPS Glitter V3Download
Andi 4.5QDownload
Andi 4.5z v013Download
Andi 4A Projector v3.0Download
Andi 4-B2 IPS (1 GB)Download
Andi 4-B2(3G) v12Download
Andi 4-B2-V12Download
Andi 4-B2-V15Download
Andi 4di v013Download
Andi 4F ARC 3 v07Download
Andi 4F WavesDownload
Andi 4G ARC 2 v1.5Download
Andi 4G ARC 2 v2.5Download
Andi 4G ARC 2 v2.8Download
Andi 4H Tiger Plus 17032015Download
Andi 4H Tiger Plus V1-141014Download
Andi 4H Tiger Plus V1-150202Download
Andi 4L Pulse v1079Download
Andi 4P Class X v04Download
Andi 4P Class X v8.0Download
Andi 4P IPS GEM (1 GB)Download
Andi 4P IPS GEM 1GBDownload
Andi 4U Frisbee V07Download
Andi 4U Frisbee(8 GB)Download
Andi 4V V1Download
Andi 4V V2Download
Andi 5 Stallion Plus v08Download
Andi 5 Stallion v08Download
Andi 5.5 N2Download
Andi 5.5H WeberDownload
Andi 5.5H Weber 4G v1.7Download
Andi 5.9M Cobalt Plate 09032015Download
Andi 5.9M Cobalt Plate KKDownload
Andi 5-E7Download
Andi 5F Infinito v5Download
Andi 5H Quadro v1.0.8Download
Andi 5K Infinito 2 v6.0Download
Andi 5K Infinito 2 v9.0Download
Andi 5K Panther V5Download
Andi 5K Panther V6Download
Andi 5K SparkleDownload
Andi 5K Sparkle 1GB 14042014Download
Andi 5K Sparkle 1GB KKDownload
Andi 5LDownload
Andi 5Li v1.26Download
Andi 5M XoticDownload
Andi 5-M8Download
Andi 5S Cobalt 3Download
Andi 5T Cobalt 2 V05Download
Andi 5T Cobalt 2 V10Download
Andi 5U Platino v3.0Download
Andi Avonte 5 v1.0Download
Andi Avonte 5 v4.0Download
Andi Avonte 5 v9.0Download
Andi Cobalt Oomph 4.7DDownload
Andi HD 6 v1.7Download
Andi Mini Uddaan v10Download
Andi Sprinter 4G v.09Download
Andi Uddaan 1GB V01Download
Andi Uddaan 1GB V01Download
Andi Uddaan 1GB V15Download
Andi Uddaan 1GB V15Download
Andi Uddaan V16Download
Andi Uddaan V20Download
Andi VelvetDownload
Brace X1 v2.07Download
Cobalt 4 F8 v5.0Download
Cobalt 6 v15.0Download
Cobalt 6 v16.0Download
Cobalt Solus 2 v08Download
Cobalt Solus 4G A1 150803Download
Cobalt Solus v14Download
Slide 2G 7227Download
Slide 3G 7325 v2.3Download
Slide 3G7803Q-900-V07Download
Slide 3G7803Q-900-V10Download
Slide 3G7803Q-900-V11Download
Slide 631 8iDownload
Slide Cuboid MT6735MDownload


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