Download HUAWEI Stock ROM Firmware

If yes are you searching for Stock ROM firmware for all HUAWEI mobile phone and Tablets.


If  your answer is yes then you are on the right page. Here you can download Stock ROM firmware for all HUAWEI models.

Find the Following HUAWEI Mobile Phone Model and Click to Download HUAWEI Stock ROM firmware

Mobile ModelFirmware
Ascend D1 LTEDownload
Ascend D2-6070Download
Ascend G300 Android 4.0Download
Ascend G300 U8815 Android 2.3Download
Ascend G330 U8825-1Download
Ascend G510-0200Download
Ascend G525-U00Download
Ascend G600 U8950-1Download
Ascend G610-U20(SP tool)Download
Ascend G615 U10Download
Ascend G620s-L01Download
Ascend G620s-UL00Download
Ascend G630-U10Download
Ascend G630-U20Download
Ascend G630-U251Download
Ascend G6-U10Download
Ascend G700 T00Download
Ascend G700 U10Download
Ascend G750-U10Download
Ascend IDEOS X3 U8510-1Download
Ascend IDEOS X5 U8800Download
Ascend Mate MT1-U06Download
Ascend Mate7 MT7-L09Download
Ascend Mate7 MT7-TL10 B121SP05 (Kitkat)Download
Ascend Mate7 MT7-TL10 B122SP06 (Kitkat)Download
Ascend Mate7 MT7-TL10 B351 (Lollipop)Download
Ascend Mate7 MT7-UL00 B121SP02 (Kitkat)Download
Ascend Mate7 MT7-UL00 B122SP06 (Kitkat)Download
Ascend Mate7 MT7-UL00 B351(Lollipop)Download
Ascend P1 U9200-1Download
Ascend P6Download
Ascend P7 L10 (North America)Download
Ascend P7 L10 (West European)Download
Ascend U1290Download
Ascend U8510-1Download
Ascend U8800Download
Ascend Y100 U8185-1Download
Ascend Y200 U8655-1Download
Ascend Y201 U8666-1Download
Ascend Y210Download
Ascend Y220(OTA)Download
Ascend Y220(USB)Download
Ascend Y550-L01Download
Ascend Y635-CL00Download
Honor 7 PLK-AL10 B708 (Lollipop)Download
Honor 7 PLK-UL00 B708 (Lollipop)Download
Honor Cherry L04Download
Honor H30-T10(SP tool)Download
Honor Holly U19Download
Honor X2 GEM-703L B009 (Lollipop)Download
Honor X2 GEM-703L B109 (Lollipop 5.1)Download
P8 ALE-UL00 vB113 (Lollipop)Download
P8 ALE-UL00 vB150 (Lollipop)Download
P8 GRA-UL10 vb210 (Lollipop)Download
P8 Max DAV-703L B026 (Lollipop)Download
P8 Young ALE-UL00Download
U8100 v100R001C151B231Download
U8100 v100R001C180B257Download


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