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VMG HOSTEL For Boys and Girls Student

The Hostel of VMG Boys Hostel came up in 2007 and was located on Near Shani Mandir, Surendra Nagar Dist Nagaur Rajasthan Pin 341508 in walled city of Kuchaman.

The Hostel of VMG Girls Hostel came up in 2007 and was located on Opp Govt Hospital, Dist Nagaur Rajasthan Pin 341508 in walled city of Kuchaman.

Located near the Top college, Institute, Defiance Academy, Education Classes and main Bus Stand. it is an affordable, homely and safe accommodation for about 50 students. The hostel has spacious and airy building with well-furnished rooms and well organized dining hall, common room and wi-fi facility. The common room is well equipped with recreational facilities like newspapers and magazines. Running hot and cold water is available round the clock in the hostel.

The residents of VMG Boys hostel have always demonstrated the ethos of dedication, sincerity and care for other. The hostel inculcates a spirit of co-operation and respect for different cultures in the residents as they come from diverse cultures. As a part of extended family of the college fraternity, VMG Boys hostel adds a dimension of vigor and commitment to the academic and extracurricular ambience of the institution. While providing an opportunity of campus living, VMG Boys hostel looks forward to residents to shoulder and maintain the best traditions of the Hostel as a whole.


Hostel affairs are co-ordinate under the guidance and supervision of the resident warden. The warden is assisted by hostel students’ union. The hostel committee under the chairmanship of the Principal frames the rules and regulations of the hostel and is the final authority in matters concerning the hostel.

Mr Bhagu Ram Rulaniya (Warden)

Mr Mahendra Singh Chauhan (President)

Mr Kisan Swami (Mess Secretary)

Mr Bhawwan Singh (Organizing Secretary)

Mr Dileep Singh (Maintenance Secretary)

Mr Ishwar Singh (Sports Secretary)

Mr Laxman Singh (Cultural Secretary)


Hostel affairs are co-ordinate under the guidance and supervision of the resident warden. The warden is assisted by hostel students’ union. The hostel committee under the chairmanship of the Principal frames the rules and regulations of the hostel and is the final authority in matters concerning the hostel.

Miss Om Kanwar (Warden)

Miss Sunita (President)

Miss Santosh (Mess Secretary)

Miss Anju (Organizing Secretary)

Miss Suman (Maintenance Secretary)


Admission Procedure & Formalities:

1. Candidates desirous for hostel accommodation will have to fill a prescribed application form with the Hostel within the scheduled dates as per Notification for Hostel Accommodation. Incomplete and unsigned application shall be liable for rejection

2. The list of eligible candidates in order of merit under the respective category is placed on the Notice Board and Website of the VMG. No personal intimation is given to any candidate.

3. The eligible candidates are required to complete admission formalities and deposit the fees within the prescribed time period as per Notification.

4. Allotment of room is made only after deposit of fees.

Documents Required:

Each candidate qualified for hostel accommodation shall be required to submit the following documents.

1. Proof of present residence: Attested copy of ration card or equivalent document.

2. Self-attested copies of the relevant documents:-

a) Marks Sheet of last qualifying exam.

b) Class X Certificate and Mark Sheet

c) Category Certificate (if applicable).

d) College Admission Fee Slip.

3. Together with the admission form, two undertakings for anti-raging to be submitted by the parent and the student both in the prescribed as given in the Hostel prospectus For complete & updated details, the Hostel Prospectus for the concerned year should be referred



The Hostel has a total number of 15 rooms. The rooms are allotted on sharing basis among students. A separate furnished bed, study table & chair is provided to each resident partner of a room. In addition, cupboard, ceiling fan, light fittings, curtains, etc. are provided in each room. Cleaning is done on daily basis by the house keeping staff.


The hostel has a separate mess where at a time about 50 residents can take their meals.. It is managed by the residents under the supervision of the Warden and operated on cost basis. Wholesome meals are served to the residents in the mess. The menu is decided by the residents’ council. The mess is operated thrice a day – at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Common Room

For the recreation of residents the hostel has a good condition common room. Residents can sit and enjoy leisure time there. News-papers and magazines are provided in the Common Room. Carom-board, Chess and TV are also available to the residents in the Common Room.

Play Ground

There is a small Play Ground within the hostel compound.


Hostel residents are provided with wi-fi facility. User id and password is issued by the IT center of the College. Wi-fi facility is available round the clock.

Laundry Services

The collage has in-campus outsourced laundry services for the residents. The residents at their choice can avail the in-campus laundry services.


The residents are required to pay Annual Charges and Security Amount at the time of admission to hostel. In addition, the residents are also required to pay Monthly Charges comprising of Electricity Charges, Water Charges and Mess Bill every month on actual basis after the admission.

For complete & updated details on Hostel Charges Hostel Prospectus for concerned year should be referred.


The residents are at liberty to withdraw their admission from the hostel at any time. The following rule shall be applicable for settlement of accounts and refund of charges & security on withdrawal of admission from the Hostel:

1. If room is vacated upto August 31 of the year of admission Rs.5,000/- shall be deducted from the Annual Charges paid by the resident. In case room is vacated after August 31, Annual Charges shall not be refunded.

2. Mess charges shall be recovered on actual basis.

3. Actual electricity and water charges for the month shall be recovered irrespective of the date the room is vacated.


Notice Board Discipline & Code of Conduct

Students must carry the Hostel Identity Card with them and produce the same on demand by College/Hostel officials.

Since the VMG class-rooms are in the proximity of the Hostel rooms, care should be taken not to disturb the college atmosphere by playing loud music, etc.

Lady visitors are not allowed to enter the Hostel. However, they may meet the resident concerned only upto 7.00 p.m. outside the hostel/in the Common Room.

Ragging in any form, causing mental and physical agony and abetment of ragging, is strictly prohibited under the University Ordinance XV (C) and will invite severe discippnary action even to the extent of expulsion from the Hostel.

Consumption of pquor, and/or contraband drugs, and/or smoking is strictly prohibited during the resident’s stay in the Hostel. Anyone found guilty of contravening this regulation will be expelled from the Hostel immediately and fine of Rs. 10,000/- may be imposed as well.

Residents are not allowed to park their vehicles adjacent to the Hostel compound.

Resident who stays away for more than a week without permission will be pable to lose the Hostel seat and may not be considered for admission in the hostel even in the following year(s).

The Warden can, without assigning any reason, change room allotted to a hostel inmate.

Any violation of Hostel Rules mentioned above or elsewhere in the prospectus shall lead to discippnary action, including fines, ranging from Rs. 250/- to Rs. 10,000/- by the Warden. In more serious cases, or in cases of repeated violation, the Hostel shall suspend and/or expel the resident.

For detailed Code of Conduct please refer to the Hostel prospectus.

Mess Regulations

Mess charges must be cleared within 7 days of the issuance of the mess bill faipng which a late fine of Rs. 20/- per day will charged upto the end of a month. In the first week of the following month, the parents/local guardians will be informed and the residents concerned will not be allowed to have food in the mess.

Meal timings are as follows:

Breakfast (8.00am to 9.00 am)

Lunch (1.00pm to 2.00pm)

Dinner (8.00pm to 9.00pm)

The mess timings may change depending upon the situation.

Charges per month will be according to the actual mess expenditure incurred as agreed with the Student council time to time.

Hostel Charges are subject to revision from time to time.

In case a student after being admitted wants to get his admission cancelled, he will be entitled to refund of fees as per rules:

Residents going out of station should submit the mess rebate apppcation form in the hostel office and sign-off in the mess register before they leave, faipng which the mess bill will be charged in full.

No crockery or food can be taken out of the Dining Hall except during indisposition of the student for which permission in writing. In such cases, only disposable plates will be used.

No guests are allowed in the Mess.

Exercise of food option – vegetarian or non-vegetarian – can be allowed once a week only. However charges for non-vegetarian meals will be added to the mess bill.

Mess Rebate

Resident who wish to apply for Mess Rebate should make a written apppcation to the Warden

A student who is away from the Hostel and does not take food in Dining Hostel for a minimum period of seven consecutive days, will be given Mess Rebate at the rate of 50/- per day, provided he informs the Hostel Office in advance in writing.

Rebate will not be given on a period of less than 7 Consecutive days of absence.

The full mess rebate facipty for the residents can be availed by the residents who remain absent from the hostel for more than a period of 10 consecutive days due to illness or any unforeseen situation.

Such rebate for the residents’ can be availed to maximum 25 days in an academic year.

Total Mess Rebate days in an academic year cannot exceed 25 days.

Entry & Exit Regulation

Hostel security guards posted at the two gates of the Hostel have the right to ask for the identity proof of visitors, guests and residents of the Hostel.

Security guards have moreover the right to search bags and belongings being taken in or out of the Hostel by residents, staff, guests and all other visitors, or to refuse entry to visitors and guests.

Any resident found leaving or entering the hostel without signing the register is pable for discippnary action.

Provision for Leave

Residents may avail of the following types of leave:-

Leave to visit L.G. - Weekend Saturdays and Sundays) and/or On Gazetted Hopdays (max four times in a month)

Home leave – Vacation / Breaks / illness / unexpected reasons.

All types of leave have to be appped for at least 24 hours in advance in prescribed proforma. Residents can proceed on leave only after ensuring that leave is duly sanctioned by the Warden. Prior letter of request is to be furnished from LG/Parent in case of LG leave/ Home leave/leave for Special purpose. In case information in writing is not received by the Hostel office discippnary action may be taken against the defaulter.

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VMG Boys Hostel Kuchaman

VMG Girls Hostel Kuchaman

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